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Max is reportedly testing bringing CNN breaking news alerts to all your favorite shows

People are going to love getting near-constant updates about the 2024 election when they’re trying to watch The Last Of Us

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Photo: Jaap Arriens (NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Let’s get something out of the way: People love pop-ups. It is a favorite among all demographics. Gen-Z? Bet, a Discord notification while doomscrolling TikTok just hits different. Millennials? Come on, there’s a reason less than half of internet users use pop-up blockers. Pop-ups are lit. Gen-X? Their days of criticizing consumer culture are over, and now they’re all taking a chill pill and being distracted by an alert about Hunter Biden. Baby Boomers? They invented this stuff. Of course, they want more information at all times of the day.

Because everyone loves a reminder of what the “Rich Men North Of Richmond” guy has going on, Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly experimenting with integrating pop-up notifications into their streaming service Max via its upcoming CNN Max addition. Per Variety, WBD plans on announcing its non-stop news streaming hub “CNN Max” at the end of September, and in addition to all the Wolf Blitzer you can handle, they’re also looking into ways to make streaming on Max a whole lot worse.


As Variety describes the evolution of the streamer, Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for “ways of alerting Max viewers to breaking news while they are watching something else on the service.” How great is that?! For the low, low price of $9.99 a month, you can unwind with an episode of House Hunters that can be interrupted by headlines about Trump’s mugshot. They also plan other experiments, like changing the thumbnails depending on whose hosting at any given time, which is, admittedly, less disruptive and, therefore, less appealing than the first test. It all sounds great. Warner Bros. Discovery has, once again, lived up to its tagline: “The stuff that dreams are made of.”

We don’t want to speak for everyone, but we sincerely hope the first and last notification reads, “CNN Max will no longer offer breaking news in the middle of Succession.”