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May all our fallout bunkers be turned into Star Wars droids

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a time when we should really be doing our best to remember the lessons of the Cold War, it’s equally important that we remember the lessons of a different, much older war: The Star Wars. Earlier this week, a street artist in Prague set out to immortalize one of the heroes of this galactic struggle by transforming an air vent from an abandoned fallout shelter into the lovable bleep-blooping droid R2D2.


In addition to painting the the disused Cold War relic the appropriate colors, the anonymous artist took time to construct R2D2’s appendages out of concrete because, if your abandoned soviet fallout shelter turned astromech droid isn’t going to be screen-accurate, what’s even the point? It remains unclear what the intended message of the piece was, but given the incredible detail and placement of the massive droid, we can assume it was something along the lines of “Star Wars is cool.”

Hopefully, this instance of guerrilla pop art will inspire others around the world to reclaim the remnants of our nuclear-obsessed past. Maybe, instead of selling off our abandoned missile silos and underground bunkers to eccentric weirdos, we could repurpose them as monuments to side-characters from a series of movies we all like. Hell, IG-88’s head already looks like a nuke. This stuff pretty much makes itself.

[via Mashable]


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