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MC Hammer to get own reality show

If you're like me, you lie awake at night wondering when some brave soul is finally going to give MC Hammer his own reality show. Wonder no more! Our collective prayers have been answered in the form of "Hammertime", a new A&E program scheduled to debut sometime this year. But don't take our word for it. Here's some creepy corporate-speak from an A&E suit and the Hammerman himself from the press release:

“MC Hammer is an iconic figure in American pop culture but many people only know him for his music and fashion sense, now A&E takes an unprecedented look behind his larger-than-life personality and into his life as a devoted husband, father and business entrepreneur,” said Robert Sharenow, Senior Vice President, Nonfiction and Alternative Programming, A&E. “Hammertime truly captures the intimate, funny and genuine moments that resonate with our viewers and underscore the essence of our brand.”

“Each week we’ll open our home to viewers to showcase the hectic pace of our lives and our eclectic family, our real life truly is drama and there is no better place than A&E for some Hammertime,” said executive producer MC Hammer.


This new program is going to underscore the essence of the A&E brand like a motherfucker. The press release goes on to boast semi-coherently,

Hammer is a new-age dad, he contributes equally to the child rearing responsibilities and daily household chores which is not an easy task considering he is building his new social media empire with his online website “Dance Jam” and his HAMMERTIME iPhone application, performing at concerts, juggling speaking engagements and running his social media optimized music label “FullBlast.”

I don't know bout y'all but I can't wait to see how Hammer juggles cash4gold.com promotional appearances with his social media optimized music label "Fullblast". What does that even mean? Isn't it just a random assemblage of inane buzzwords? That his label has a Facebook account? That Hammer knows how to send an email? I guess we'll all just have to watch Hammer's show and find out. Between the social media optimizing and brand-essence underscoring it's sure to be riveting. I'm impressed that Hammer's "Dance Jam" website is online. That'll really set it apart from all those offline dance websites.