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Meet the dogs in this 5-minute Isle Of Dogs short

We saw a trailer for Wes Anderson’s Isle Of Dogs way back in September, but for anyone looking to get to know these stop-motion animals a little bit better, Entertainment Weekly has shared a clip of the movie’s stars talking about their characters as their characters. In other words, the video has Bill Murray voicing a dog as he talks about what it was like to voice a dog, along with a number of his other Isle Of Dogs co-stars like Bryan Cranston, Jeff Goldblum, and Scarlett Johansson. As Entertainment Weekly explains, the voices were recorded whenever the actors had a chance, which is why Murray sounds like he’s talking from inside a moving car (he is) and why Edward Norton’s dog has a problem with his mic.

Isle Of Dogs, which takes place in a futuristic Japan were dogs have been relegated to a garbage island, will be in theaters on March 23.


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