Nancy And Beth perform at the Newport Folks Festival. (Photo: Douglas Mason/Getty Images)

Don’t be fooled by the name: Self-described “punk Vegas Americana” musical duo Nancy And Beth has neither a Nancy nor a Beth in its roster. Instead, the core duo is made up of musician and comedian Megan Mullally and musician and actress Stephanie Hunt, with a backing band made up of true-blue Austin weirdoes for extra spice. Formed in 2011, the group—whose live show features dances choreographed by Mullally, with her husband Nick Offerman serving as roadie—spent much of this year touring in support of its self-titled debut album, with stops at Wilco’s Solid Sound Festival, Newport Folk, the Grand Ole Opry, and as an opening act for the Pixies.

Image: Nancy And Beth


And time on the road means downtime between shows messing around on Snapchat, which inspired the new Nancy And Beth video debuting exclusively on The A.V. Club. About the video, Mullally tells us, “The whole video was shot on my phone via Snapchat, while Nancy And Beth was on tour ... It was top secret. Stephanie and I had to grab time to shoot snaps whenever we could, mostly in cars, vans and various hotel rooms, without anyone knowing what we were doing. We had to use whichever filters were up at the times we shot. I shot it on my phone while Stephanie ran audio on hers. My expenses were a selfie stick and the editor’s fee.”

The song is a cover of Gucci Mane’s ode to emotional unavailability “I Don’t Love Her,” which Mullally says is “so wrong. It’s like the furthest from “right” that one could possibly get in terms of a male/female dynamic. I think the idea, just the fact of two women singing that song, just that in and of itself, is enough to really make you sit down and think long and hard about where we are as a culture.” You can hear Nancy And Beth’s cover of “I Don’t Love Her” on their self-titled debut album—available now on the Nancy And Beth website—and watch the delightfully silly video for the song below.