Last December’s Men In Black 3-D teaser did most of the heavy lifting in reintroducing the world to the franchise, though it was somewhat hampered by the trivial detail that it only covered the part of the movie that had actually been written by the time filming started. But thanks to the commitment of director Barry Sonnenfeld, and the team of personal writers who remained chained up in Will Smith’s trailer until they drastically increased the script’s quotient of “oh no he didn’t” moments, the sequel is finally ready to show you more. Or rather, more of the same, as this preview still doesn’t get around to introducing villain Jemaine Clement (or other co-stars like Alice Eve), and once more focuses on Smith prodding a near-comatose Tommy Lee Jones with his usual backtalk, until Jones finally rips apart the time-space continuum just to make it stop.

However this time around there’s also a lot more of Josh Brolin doing his uncanny Jones impression, mostly by acting as though he’d rather be anywhere else, and a longer look at the 1969 era he inhabits. And this includes a run-in with Andy Warhol, whom Smith threatens to “pimp-slap the shiznit” out of—a line that Smith’s writing staff presumably arrived at only after crossing out numerous whiteboards, all filled with failed riffs such as “You’re about to enjoy your 15 minutes of my foot up your ass.”