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Modder introduces new Resident Evil Village monsters by swapping baby and adult man faces

A beautiful baby, resting its weary head.
A beautiful baby, resting its weary head.
Screenshot: OnlineGam3r

Resident Evil Village already includes an embarrassment of monsters, from werewolves and vampires to haunted dolls and whatever kind of fish-person hybrid this guy is. But a modder who goes by JTeghius Kittius has decided that the game’s existing line-up of horrors wasn’t complete, and has rounded it out by swapping adult male character Chris Redfield’s face with that of the protagonist’s baby daughter, Rose.

“Mini-Me Chris” and “Baby Over Chris Face” are both pretty self-explanatory. In a video showing the two mods in action, we first see Village’s opening turn from an idyllic prologue to the rest of the game’s nightmares to an unsettling scene in its own right. A tired Chris-baby wiggles in his mom’s arms as he’s read a story, his bearded, lined face creasing and relaxing as sleep overtakes his otherwise appropriately tiny infant body. In the second, the premise is flipped. The latter half of the video (which, we should mention, reveals an early game plot point) puts baby Rose’s head atop the broad shoulders of a mercilessly violent adult Chris. It’s hard to say which of the two mods are the most upsetting, which is why it’s nice that they’re both included in the last, absurd seconds of the clip.


In the description for “Mini-Me Chris,” JTeghius explains the rationale behind the mod: “This was a dumb joke that popped into my head so I had to do this.” As for “Baby Over Chris Face,” she writes: “After the ‘hit mod’ Mini-me Chris, I received a ton of requests to do the revers[e] and replace Chris’ face with the Baby’s.” In a troubling addition to this second note, JTeghius writes, “Known issues: Eyes don’t move.”

In the past, Resident Evil has spawned player-made biological terrors that range from a murderous (and mitten’ed) Bernie Sanders to a thong-wearing demonic monster man, big furious goose, and homicidal Thomas The Tank Engine. Incredibly, these affronts to nature all pale in comparison to something as simple as the baby flip. Hopefully the series’ monster designers are taking note.

[via PC Gamer]

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