Pixar’s hit Monsters Inc. successfully established the bickering partnership between John Goodman’s furry lummox and Billy Crystal’s wisecracking eyeball thing, but it left viewers with so many questions. Namely, did these two attend an accredited school, or is the world of Monstropolis a waking nightmare of unskilled labor? Fortunately there’s the prequel Monsters University, which covers Mike and Sully’s formative years and the rivalry that eventually blossomed into their sort-of being pals while also ensuring that they received proper, formal training. Judging by the trailer, the comedy seems to mine a lot of familiar college material—disastrous roommate pairings, frat parties and football games, the horrors of improv troupes soliciting in the quad, etc.—albeit with the fantastical twist of its characters actually getting jobs after graduating. You’ll have to just go with that.