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More New York Times corrections should be about the economic troubles of Snake People

I’m 28, and I still have to live with my parents! Blargh!
Photo: Hindustan Times (Getty Images)

Corrections on a news article are rarely ever fun; considering that they’re admissions that someone—probably multiple someones—fucked up on the way to bringing a piece to readers’ eyes, they typically try to walk the line between terse and apologetic. But not always; sometimes a mistake is so weird, or so delightful, that it deserves to be really savored, as in this recent goof-em published alongside all the news that’s fit to print in The New York Times:


Honestly, the only bad thing about the correction is that the original text is no longer in the article; we can’t imagine the joy we’d have in reading through a pretty standard article on Trump’s trade policy, only to run into a reference to “the Time of Shedding and Cold Rocks.” Alas.

The mishap was noted by cartoonist and speaker Rob Cottingham, who soon had a healthy thread going of other top-notch corrections across the years. There’s this one, serving as the perfect fusion of sports and nerdery, for instance, or this 47-years-late mea culpa, offered up by the NYT for mocking rocket science in its infancy. Who says misteaks can’t be funn?

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