Hey you alls, I just got the following email from allhiphop.com alerts, a service I can't recommend highly enough. The subject headings for the emails alone are enough to make me laugh out loud some days (recent example: Patrick Swayze To Experiment With Rap). Anywho, it read: "Pras, a member of the recently reunited group, the Fugees, has signed on to appear in First Night, a documentary about homelessness. According to reports, the rapper will attempt to live on the streets for nine days with $9. Pras has starred in various films, including Careful What You Wish For, Fastlane and Higher Ed" I don't know about you guys but I think it's just plain adorable that Pras is "pretending" to be homeless for a "documentary" and not because his career has tanked to the point that he genuinely can't afford a place to live. I wonder how Pras will respond to all the people who come up to him and say, "Hey, didn't you used to be that dude from that group with Lauryn Hill? Whatever happened to you, anyway?" I predict that next he'll do a Fat Actress-like mockumentary series in which he "pretends" to be a sad-sack has-been desperately pining for his old group to reunite so he can stop feeling like such a loser. Incidentally has anyone else noticed that the less she records the more iconic and larger-than-life Lauryn Hill becomes while the more they record the less iconic and larger-than-life Pras and Wyclef become?