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Instead of more television programming, NBC is now offering free birth control to teens streaming over its airwaves. Use of the NBC Family Planning Method is both quick and easy: When their new reality show, The Baby Borrowers, aka Babies Raising Someone Else's Babies For Minimal Entertainment Value, airs, simply stand in front of your television, and allow the idiocy of the Baby Borrowers to flow out from the screen and sheathe your genitals with NBC's patented Invisi-Condom technology. (Female viewers will receive the Femi-Invisi-Condom.)

Or, well, something like that:

Since the couples have to take care of elderly people in addition to babies, does that mean that Baby Borrowers is also Aging Control?

In addition to "Birth Control," NBC also calls Baby Borrowers a "social experiment," which is strange because it just looks like a lackluster reality show trying to inflate its sense of purpose to me. But maybe every terrible show on NBC actually serves a greater social purpose. Celebrity Circus, for example, could actually be a bone density test awareness program, and America's Got Talent is probably best watched as a free screening for dementia.


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