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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Netflix signs the Duplass brothers to another 4-picture deal

(Photo: Getty Images, Joshua Blanchard)
(Photo: Getty Images, Joshua Blanchard)

In 2015, Netflix signed Mark and Jay Duplass to a four-film deal, and now—five movies later—Netflix has re-upped its pact with the Duplass brothers. That’s according to Variety, which says the brothers have granted Netflix the worldwide rights to their next four movies, with the first being an untitled “bittersweet bromance” starring Mark Duplass and Ray Ramano as they bond over “made-up sports.” That movie has already been filmed, and it’ll be released on Netflix at some point this year.


We don’t know what the Duplasses are planning beyond that, but in a statement they noted that it’s “not a terrible thing for an independent filmmaker” to team up with a streaming service like Netflix that can directly send your movie to “millions of people all over the world.” They also added that they “couldn’t be more thrilled” to keep working with Netflix as it “continues to grow and develop new ways to reach viewers.”

The previous Netflix/Duplass deal resulted in Blue Jay, Take Me, Creep 2, Duck Butter, and Outside In—some of which aren’t out yet.

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