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New Jessica Jones trailer hopes you have amnesia about watching the first season

First of all, this is a brand-new Jessica Jones trailer, very different from the first extended look we got at season two earlier this month. But you know what it looks an awful lot like? A trailer promoting season one of Jessica Jones, weirdly enough.

Sure, it starts off promising, with Jessica in an anger management class, bouncing a rubber ball as she recites the litanies of horrors visited upon her—right up until she loses her cool. But something strange happens shortly thereafter: We start getting an awful lot of clips from season one. Not only that, but voiceovers from that previous story come in (including one from Luke Cage himself) that essentially reintroduce her, as though we have no idea who this person is or what she wants.


It’s all well and good for Netflix to try and pull in new viewers who have yet to watch the first season of the Marvel superhero series, but there’s a way to do that without simply rehashing a bunch of shots from it during your efforts to promote season two. This is lazy trailer cutting, and it does almost nothing to further stoke anticipation for the new episodes. And given the last trailer was great, this is a sad, warmed-over effort at reaching new audiences—which, honestly, you’re better off just watching the previous season’s trailer if that’s what you want. It’s still on Netflix, after all.

Jessica Jones season two comes out March 8.

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