Blue Sky Studios’ upcoming computer-animated Peanuts movie is easily one of the most highly anticipated films of 2015—well, if people crossing their fingers that the movie doesn’t somehow tarnish their cherished memories of the old Peanuts comics and cartoons counts as it being “highly anticipated,” at least. The movie’s first teaser trailer focused mostly on the shape of Charlie Brown’s head, but now Blue Sky has released an official trailer that gets into a little bit more of what the core Peanuts audience wants out of a big-screen adventure. Specifically, that means Woodstock goofing around, Snoopy sleeping on his doghouse and then getting into an aerial dogfight with the Red Baron, and a whole bunch of Christmas stuff. The end of the trailer even sneaks in a chance for Charlie Brown to do something stupid and have all of the other Peanuts kids laugh at him. Basically, it seems like Blue Sky is trying to prove that it won’t turn Peanuts into another Garfield, Smurfs, Peabody And Sherman, or Alvin And The Chipmunks. We’ll know whether or not it succeed when Peanuts hits theaters in 2015.