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No Time To Die has time for one more trailer before finally coming out

Daniel Craig's latest James Bond movie is coming to theaters in October

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
No Time To Die
No Time To Die
Screenshot: YouTube

It’s been a long, long, long road for No Time To Die, the latest James Bond movie and (supposedly) Daniel Craig’s final go in the Aston and the tiny blue swim shorts (he wears those in every movie, right?), but now it’s finally—FINALLY—coming to theaters… in another month or so. We still have some waiting to do, then, but Amazon subsidiary MGM has graciously decided to make that wait a little easier by releasing another trailer for the long-delayed film that also serves as a nice little reminder of all the good times we’ve had with Craig’s Bond. Remember Casino Royale? That parkour chase? When he rolled his car? When Eva Green was trapped in that sinking building? Good times. How about Skyfall? When he was running on the train and that thing ripped off the back and Bond took a beat to straighten his suit? Those two movies were great. Well, it’s apparently all been leading to this (according to this trailer), with the “this” being Rami Malek’s turn as a Bond villain with a full-on Bond villain lair and Lashana Lynch flying some kind of airplane submarine that requires all passengers to wear cool sunglasses.

No Time To Die will finally be in theaters on October 8… or at least U.S. theaters. It’s actually opening a little bit earlier elsewhere in the world, as evidenced by this totally different international trailer that was also released today. It doesn’t include anything we haven’t seen before, but it is somewhat interesting that the pitch is “go see this movie” rather than “remember how good a couple of the other movies were?” like the U.S. trailer is. You can see the international trailer below, with the U.S. trailer up above. Watch them at the same time to feel a greater sense of global community.