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Nope, we cannot handle Werner Herzog doing a Star Wars in this first full trailer for The Mandalorian

After months of build-up, Disney finally showed off the first official trailer for its upcoming Disney+ Star Wars Western The Mandalorian today. But while there are many things to recommend about this footsome age—from the way it defies the cheapness inherent in the medium to look like bona fide Star Wars shit, to shots of obscure fan-favorite characters likes murder-droid IG-88, to the classic Correllian stand-off at the end—none of that matters, because holy shit, that sure is Werner Herzog in it, huh?


We already knew Herzog was in the show—being showrun by Jon Favreau—obviously, but we still weren’t expecting them to frontload him like this. After all, Carl Weathers and Giancarlo Esposito are awesome, too, but we only get glimpses of them in the trailer. But there are our favorite french fry fan is, purring happily (or the Werner Herzog emotional equivalent) about the bounty-hunting life, and intimidating the hell out of our titular space anti-hero (who’s being played under the helmet by Pedro Pascal).

The Mandalorian is expected to launch alongside Disney+ itself, on November 12.