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Now Patty Jenkins is distancing herself from Brett Ratner

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Six women, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge, have now said Brett Ratner sexually harassed or assaulted them. They shared their stories with the Los Angeles Times, putting on the record the “open secret” that was Ratner’s predatory behavior. And so began a domino effect of people expressing the desire of wanting to have nothing to do with the director and RatPac founder. Playboy put Ratner’s long-simmering Hugh Hefner biopic on hold, and the purported star of that film, Jared Leto—whom Ratner claimed had specifically asked to be cast as the late Playboy founder—said he’d never actually been involved. And after Warner Bros., which has many dealings with Ratner, said it’s looking into the allegations, the director recused himself from his duties with the studio.

Now Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has spoken up about the allegations against Ratner, expressing support for all the women who have come forward in the wake of the revelations about Harvey Weinstein’s long history of sexual assault and harassment. Jenkins, whose Wonder Woman was co-produced by RatPac-Dune Entertainment, recently presented the producer with an award for his philanthropy after Gal Gadot reportedly dropped out over a scheduling conflict. But in a tweeted statement, she writes that she’s “extremely distressed” about reports of Ratner’s abusive behavior.


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