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Now you can get frustrated with Lost on Hulu

Photo: Reisig And Taylor/Getty Images

For those of you who missed out on the lively debates and fanatic digging during the series’ original, 2004-2010 run on ABC, or were similarly unable to join in on that obsessive discussion during the seven years it was available on Netflix, here’s some welcome news: The entire run of Lost is now streaming on Hulu, allowing you to get frustrated and, ultimately, sort of disappointed by the show on a whole new platform.

Hulu has picked all 121 episodes of the cult supernatural mystery loaded with tantalizing ideas about quantum physics and philosophy that is also, and really, just a very down-to-earth human drama about characters working toward redemption—and that is what’s really important, let us not forget that. If you’ve never experienced the myriad, jaw-dropping twists and reverberating cliffhangers of this incredible story—which follows the survivors of a plane crash as they’re stranded on a bizarre island whose seemingly magical properties beg to be solved like a puzzle (even though, let’s keep in mind, that no didactic “solution” would ever be satisfactory, and come on, isn’t it the journey that matters most?)—then here is your chance to finally experience them, preferably without reading anything else about the show first. And if you’re just a longtime fan who’s eager to relive the story all over again, here’s another chance to do so without that agonizing wait between episodes, time you might have filled by scrutinizing every frame for clues, studying numerology, and reading up on David Hume. Now you can just enjoy it as a story without overthinking it; maybe you’ll like it better this time, you ingrate?

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