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Late Night With Seth Meyers (Screenshot: NBC)

With the special election for an Alabama senate seat coming down to the for-some difficult choice between an alleged child molester, outspoken bigot, and twice-fired disgraced judge on the one hand, and someone who is none of those things (and who, among other accomplishments, successfully prosecuted the KKK) on the other, Seth Meyers wasn’t kidding around. On Monday’s Late Night, Meyers introduced his “A Closer Look” segment by drawing parallels between mall-banned and Putin-loving Roy Moore and his staunchest high-profile supporter, Donald Trump, calling them both “wildly unfit for office.”

As evidence, Meyers pointed to Trump’s latest ego-fluffing post-election election rallies in Alabama-adjacent Pensacola, Florida. Meyers showed how Trump babbled a predictably incoherent and incendiary speech there that—even before he exhorted his supporters to vote for a person who has called 9/11 God’s punishment for America legalizing gay marriage—marked Trump out as, in Meyers’ words, our “colicky man-baby president.” In the speech, Trump attacked a reporter, mocked Hillary Clinton, suggested that we would not support our NATO allies, and leveled veiled threats at unstable nuclear power North Korea, all as prelude to whipping up his crowd to vote for a guy who’d be a stain on the senate even if numerous women hadn’t come forward with allegations of Moore’s long history of pursuing underage girls.


For Meyers, the match of Trump and Moore is a natural. You know, since, as the host put it, both “have a penchant for conspiracy theories,” are credibly accused of “sexual predation,” and—as a clip of Moore slipping into fluent Russian to praise the Russian leader’s Moore-esque hatred of gay people demonstrated—big fans of Vladimir Putin’s dictatorial bigotry. Again, none of which is alleged, even remotely, about Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones. Sure, Meyers noted that Trump and Moore have their differences, what with Trump being “a wannabe authoritarian strongman,” and Moore being “a lawless theocrat.” But if two equally sleazy, prejudiced, anti-democratic assholes can’t find common ground, then what is the modern Republican Party for, anyway?

Alabamians: Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. To make sure of your polling place, ID needs, voting rights, or to report any shenanigans, the ACLU of Alabama has you covered.


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