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Owner of mysterious 3D tour house explains strange bathtub and all those Girls Gone Wild DVDs

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While Microsoft and Sony compete with one another over who can release the biggest, weirdest-looking console this fall, the hottest video game of 2020 released right under their noses. We’re talking about the 3D home tour of 8800 Blue Lick Road, a Resident Evil-style labyrinth whose bizarre architecture hides unnerving secrets like a cursed bathtub and a hoard of way, way too many Girls Gone Wild DVDs.


After days of theorizing over the house and its inexplicable design, some digital tourists may be disappointed to learn that the game is already over thanks to Waxy demystifying the godless domain through an interview with Troy Curtis, 8800 Blue Lick Road’s owner.

The whole thing starts with an immensely strong lead-in: “[Curtis] addressed the criminal charges immediately.” it reads. “The terms of his settlement limited what he could say about the raid, but he told me he’s nearing the end of a seven-year probation period for his organized crime charges under the RICO Act, as well as tax evasion.”

As context, we learn that 8800 Blue Lick had been raided in the past for selling allegedly stolen goods, though Curtis says “he was running a legitimate family business buying discount goods from peddlers marts and flea markets and reselling them for profit on Amazon and eBay.” The “stolen goods,” according to him, might’ve been from some of these bulk purchases.

This explains the weird assortment of stuff in the house, but its overall design doesn’t make much sense until the article explains that it was originally built as “a church and Christian school” with structures added to it over time. The weird bathtub was apparently “once a baptistry, a large pool that originally opened out into the congregation before baptism viewings” that was walled off and turned into a shower by Curtis. The assortment of strange stuff in the house has a good explanation, too: Curtis couldn’t empty the place before listing it because “he needs the funds from [their] sale” to buy his new house.

Since the 3D tour went viral, the realtor has, uh, patched (?) the accidentally viral game by taking out a direct link to the walkthrough and deleting the bathtub since the nearby shelves filled with Girls Gone Wild DVDs might put some off from buying the property. Curtis only heard about how interested people were in exploring his house online second-hand, though he thinks it’s a good thing since it might get more attention for the sale. He’d also like to “unload some of those Girls Gone Wild DVDs as souvenirs” because, goddamnit, he’s a businessman after all.


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