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This 3D home tour is the best accidental video game of 2020

Home Tour of 8800 Blue Lick Rd.
Home Tour of 8800 Blue Lick Rd.
Screenshot: Redfin

“Find the bathtub.” That’s the simple goal behind a fascinating new game devised after a 3D walkthrough of a Louisville, Kent., home went viral on Twitter. “Uh. Found this in a Facebook group; the person who posted said ‘tour in 3D, try to find the bathtub’ ...enjoy?” reads a Tweet from actor and writer Jenny Jaffe. The home tour starts off basic enough, a voyeuristic peek into a cluttered home at 8800 Blue Lick Rd. But as the search for the tub continues, the tour turns into something so much more. We will discuss more about the 3D walkthrough below, but we really advise just clicking the link and exploring for yourself. [UPDATE: Because it’s 2020, it appears the walkthrough has been taken down. We did find this YouTube capture of it though]

While “playing” what we are now calling 8800 Blue Lick Rd. (named for the address of the property on display), you begin on the ground floor...we think. Part of the difficulty of 8800 is how easy it is to get turned around in the residence, which you quickly discover is a labyrinth with unexpected hidden depths—perfect for The A.V Club’s Horrors Week. The first sign of something amiss (aside from the massive amount of Rockstar energy drink on the first level), is the double toilets in the bathroom. From there, it begins to become clear that this is actually a workplace of sorts, with multiple group bathrooms and giant rooms filled with random items.


For the property listing on Redfin, the realtor does their best to sell this...unique property: “Church, School, Daycare, Home business this home has been it all. This unique home is just what you are looking for. Two kitchens, a private living space and many more surprises. This is a must see. The pictures do not tell the full story.” It’s listed as having 3 beds, 4 baths, but also acknowledges that “all information provided are [sic] only about the first building.”

We assume that the property is currently being used as an Amazon middleman business—people who buy items at wholesale pricing and then resell them individually online. But who knows? We spent more than 10 minutes trying to find that damn tub and got turned around more than once, to the point that it got a little creepy.

We have a theory of where the tub might be, but don’t want to ruin your fun if you’re going to explore it yourself. Feel free to leave your theories (or your success) in the comments.

Since there are apparently more buildings on this property, we look forward to the sequel game.

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