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Parenting is the latest techno-horror story in the new trailer for Black Mirror season 4

Like so much of great horror fiction, Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror worms its way into your head through the most normal of fears: Alienation, abandonment, death, all modified with a technology-tinged twist. Now, the show’s fourth season is extending its palette of post-modern anxieties to one of the scariest human endeavors of all: Parenting.

Netflix released the first trailer for the show’s upcoming slate of episodes today, leading off with a tease of the Jodie Foster-directed “Arkangel”. The episode stars Rosemarie DeWitt as a young mother who turns to a mysterious tech company to keep her daughter safe in a scary world. It’s all pretty standard parental paranoia material…at least until you see the shot of the needle going into the kid’s blank-eyed face, and the ominous tagline: “The key to good parenting is control.” Call us crazy, but we’ve got a feeling there’s no “San Junipero” happy ending waiting at the end of this particular tale.

Netflix has yet to announce exactly when Black Mirror season 4 will land on its catalog, but it’s expected to return some time in 2018.


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