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Pedro Pascal joins Community's virtual table read

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Photo: Chelsea Guglielmino (Getty Images)

Last week, we learned that the cast of Community (except for Chevy Chase) would be reuniting over Zoom for a table read of season five’s “Cooperative Polygraphy”—the episode where Walton Goggins reads the will of Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, who had recently died off-screen. The news was particularly exciting because Donald Glover, who hasn’t joined in on much Community fun since leaving the show shortly after this episode, would be returning along with everyone else even though he sang a song with Beyoncé in a Disney movie. It would be understandable if he decided he was too famous for this, but evidently that’s not the case. Neat!


The one question left about this table read, though, was whether or not Goggins would reprise his role as the ice-cold Mr. Stone. Community creator Dan Harmon recently revealed that Goggins “can’t make it” (maybe he’s working on his own Beyoncé collab), but he’s being replaced with someone similarly cool: Pedro Pascal, who was once best known for getting his head popped like a melon but is now best known for wearing a metal bucket on his head in The Mandalorian. Harmon mentioned that in an Instagram post, joking that Pascal is “on some Disney show where Boba Fett’s in college with Yoda’s niece.” He also explained that the table read will be pre-taped to account for Yvette Nicole Brown’s “rants about storming Area 51,” and it will be released on May 18 on Sony Pictures TV’s YouTube page.

If that’s not enough news about Community and reunions for you, here’s some more: The whole gang (except for Chevy Chase) also recently reunited on Joel McHale and Ken Jeong’s podcast, which is a nice treat if you want to see some proof that they’re all actually good friends (except for Chevy Chase, apparently). Also, “Cooperative Polygraphy” writer Alex Rubens, who worked on Rick And Morty as well as Community, will be returning to Rick And Morty on its sixth season.