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Peek into the future of 1985 with Paramount’s upcoming movies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

While on the cusp of the new year, it’s time to look towards the future. Specifically, the future that 1985 held for Paramount insiders as they reviewed the new slate of films. Screencrush unearthed this reel posted in 2008 by TheKillerWithinNJ showcasing upcoming releases that were either in production or still in their early phases of preproduction. For example, there’s no indication what the next Star Trek or Indiana Jones installments will be, just that they’re coming and isn’t that enough for you people?

There’s other elements that show how early some of these films are in their production cycles. Hook is teased simply as “Peter Pan meets Steven Spielberg.” Top Gun is called “Top Guns.” And there’s the promise of a live action Jetsons movie as well. Also, the film has some whiplash inducing transitions as it goes from the fluffy romcom Heartburn to a teaser for The Accused. Maybe not the best placement, 1985 Paramount editor. Many of these films would go through a lot of changes before hitting the screen—or even take many more years before they premiered. But it’s a great time capsule for those who love ’80s films and a good contrast to today’s locked-in-place tentpole scheduling of studios. The whole thing ends as these things were mandated to by 1985 rules: with a Patti Labelle song and John Candy giving the “okay” sign indicating that truly Paramount has a new attitude.