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Pennywise can dance to anything

Photo: Brooke Palmer/Warner Bros.

It’s Pennywise is, by all metrics, a scary clown: He eats children, has rows of hideous teeth, and can turn into your worst nightmare at the honk of a red nose. Ah, but he also claims to be a “dancing clown,” a trait that’s decidedly less scary. Unless, of course, you’re doing so in a makeshift circus stage in the bowels of a sewer while not showing a single ounce of joy in the act. Like, you know, this.

While generic circus music is Pennywise’s jam onscreen, some smart-ass on Twitter decided to see how well his moves would translate to more modern music by firing up a Pennywise Dancing account on Twitter. Surprise, Pennywise can dance to just about anything.


See for yourself:


The account’s also inspired some other Twitter users to create their own soundtracks to Pennywise’s dance of death; we never want to see clowns and “Slob On My Knob” in each other’s vicinity ever again.


Well, at least no one’s synced it up to “Despacito” yet.



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