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People are inexplicably flocking to watch Bee Movie at “20,000X speed”

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The 2007 Dreamworks animation Bee Movie is not a good movie. It is also not a remarkable movie—“amusing but slight,” The A.V. Club raved upon its original release.

However, this general lack of luster has not stopped some 700,000 people from viewing a YouTube video called “Bee Movie But It’s 20000x Faster,” which has since been renamed “Bee Movie But It’s In 3 Minutes” to be more accurate. (Twenty thousand times faster would be less than a second, technically.) Here’s the whole damn thing:

As one commenter dryly—but accurately!—notes:


There is not much to be gleaned from the movie at this speed; it is Bee Movie, after all. But that’s also the whole point. Bee Movie’s inspired something of a cottage industry of low-rent memes, perhaps because, by combining Jerry Seinfeld and DreamWorks Animation, it creates a perfect storm of bland, focus-grouped children’s entertainment. Bee Movie sucks without notably sucking; there’s nothing to laugh at about it except for the fact that there’s nothing to laugh at about it.


Thus, here is “The Bee Movie Trailer But Every Time They Say Bee It Does The Whole Trailer Really Fast”:

Here is “The Bee Movie But 256x Faster” (which is way too fast, but hey, at least now you can say you’ve seen the movie if someone ever asks you):

There are more—you can watch the movie’s trailer, either slowed down or sped up every time someone says the word “bee.” You can dig into the strange, interspecies romance between Jerry Seinfeld’s bee and Renée Zellweger’s bee-identifying human character. You can own a shirt (currently unavailable) with the entire script on it. Perhaps Jerry Seinfeld’s questionable proclamation earlier this year that the public was demanding a sequel had some veracity? The internet’s ironic clamoring has already wrought great things in 2016, including Boaty McBoatface and the presidency of Donald Trump, so certainly Bee Movie 2: The Bee-Coming is underway.


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