Sure, you may already know the story of the Batkid—as we recently reported, the story of young Miles Scott’s Make-A-Wish dream to be Batman for a day is coming to theaters on June 26. And yes, you may already know the heartwarming details about how his battle with cancer led to the organization of a massive, inspiring undertaking to make one child’s dream a reality. And hell, it may even be obvious to you, as it was to us, that this is just a more sharply edited version of the longer and looser trailer that came out last year. But what a difference a good editor makes. We could pretend that we weren’t taken completely off guard by the fact that this two-minute-plus ad made us tear up by the end, but that would be a lie. Sort of like how Julia Roberts is remaking this exact story in fictionalized form, a.k.a. “a lie.” That sort of thing. See it for yourself, and let us know if it caused the unexpected waterworks for you, too.