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PSA: Remember to mute yourself if you're going to play Call Of Duty during Zoom classes

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The history of both mandated Zoom calls and playing video games online is filled with triumphs and tragedies. For every lawyer who accidentally activates a kitten filter in virtual court and debauched Gilbert Gottfried remote bat mitzah there’s a Toobin. For every Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gaming fundraiser or voting encouragement stream there’s a guy shooting a loaded gun live on camera. We’re not sure exactly where the following story of a student playing Call Of Duty unmuted during a Zoom class falls. On one hand, it is a triumph for unintentional internet comedy. On the other, it’s a tragedy for boneheaded youths around the world who thought they were getting one over on their teachers by playing games during virtual classes.

In the video, which was uploaded and subtitled by JokerMan on YouTube, we see a professor’s dawning indignation as he realizes that one of his students is in the middle of an online game mid-lecture. With a puzzled expression on his face, the prof wonders about the background noises he’s hearing on the call.


“Come on Patch, get that 30,” a student then says, his name flashing on the screen. “Come on, get that 30. Get that 30, bro!”

“I don’t want to mute him because I want to hear everything,” the increasingly pissed-off professor says.

“I’mma go to the loadout, someone back me up,” the student says in Tagalog.

“How rude,” the professor says before sitting back and announcing that he wants to keep listening and recording what’s happening.

What makes the video is the student calling out Call Of Duty shorthand, completely oblivious to how much shit he’s getting himself into all the while. When the prof wonders aloud why the student can’t hear him, we hear a request for “an AR as well as plates.” It couldn’t be better timed.

“How rude,” the professor says again later in the video.

“You piece of shit!” the student yells to someone in the game at approximately the same time.


Let the student’s eventual second-hand embarrassment be a lesson: If you’re going to get a few rounds of Warzone in during class, double check that you’re actually muted on Zoom.

[via Boing Boing]

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