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R.L. Stine to relaunch the Fear Street series, terrorize Shadyside once again

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

R.L. Stine is revisiting Fear Street. The longtime horror author (and Eureeka’s Castle head writer) killed his young-adult series in 1995, but will revive it just in time for Halloween 2014, when Thomas Dunne Books will release the first new Fear Street book in nearly 20 years, Party Games. In a statement, Stine said he’s stoked to “explore new horrors"—though with 52 existing Fear Street books, and 101 other Fear Street-based books in various spinoffs, the author will have to mine new depths of the fictional Shadyside to uncover new ghosts, murder mysteries, and tales of woe and gore. Might we suggest another investigation into the life and death of alleged witches Susannah and Martha Goode? Certainly they have some more relatives by now.