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The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has announced the nominees for its 2018 class, and they include several exciting names in the newcomers group, along with some acts that already have a handful of nominations, making them all the more eager to be inducted already. As The New York Times reports, Radiohead, Rage Against The Machine, and Nina Simone are all first-time nominees, along with Judas Priest, the Moody Blues, Kate Bush, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the Eurythmics, and Dire Straits.

In addition to these first-timers, the Rock Hall Of Fame has also nominated Bon Jovi, Depeche Mode, and Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and Link Wray for a second time. It’s also the third go-around for MC5, The Cars, and the Zombies, while the J. Geils Band, the Meters, and LL Cool J have all been nominated for a fourth time. Overall, it’s a hearteningly eclectic list, but we’ll have to wait until April 14, 2018 to see how it shakes out.


As always, there are some snubs—Soundgarden failed to make the cut yet again, which fans will find especially stinging after the death of frontman Chris Cornell. Then there are the performers who were nominated once or twice in the last couple of years who are missing this time around, including Bad Brains, Nine Inch Nails, Janet Jackson, the Smiths, and Jane’s Addiction.

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