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Radiohead's publisher denies that it's suing Lana Del Rey over "Get Free"

(Photo: Getty Images for Coachella, Trixie Textor)

On Sunday, Lana Del Rey seemed to confirm reports that she was being sued by Radiohead over similarities between “Creep” and her song “Get Free.” She indicated that she was communicating directly with the band’s “relentless” lawyers, and even though she had offered to give up 40 percent of the song’s publishing rights, she said Radiohead wanted 100 percent. Now, though, Radiohead’s publisher Warner/Chappell has denied Del Rey’s story, saying that no lawsuit has been filed and that the band never demanded 100 percent of the publishing of “Get Free.”

That’s according to Rolling Stone, which says that a spokesperson for Warner/Chappell did confirm that they’ve been “talking with Del Rey’s team,” but “no legal action has been initiated.” The spokesperson also said that it’s “clear” that “Get Free” uses “musical elements” from “Creep,” and the publisher wants those similarities “to be acknowledged in favor of all writers of “Creep”—which seems to be a nod to the fact that Radiohead has already given up some of their songs rights to the people behind “The Air That I Breathe.”


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