We trust that you've all been dutifully hunched over your latest homework assignment, reading To The White Sea by Deliverance author James Dickey. But in case you've gotten distracted—there's a lot of other entertainment out there, after all—here's your reminder. We'll start discussing the book this Monday, November 30th, with Scott Tobias leading off the analysis of the book he chose for examination. You've got a long holiday weekend ahead of you—plenty of time left. And what else are you going to do to occupy yourself once you're so full of turkey (or other designated holiday treats) that you can't get up off the couch anyway?

Again, here's Scott's explanation of why he chose the book:

"After hearing that the Coen brothers intended to adapt To The White Sea as a movie—a project they’ve since put on indefinite hold—I was curious to imagine how this deep cut in Dickey’s bibliography (he’s most often noted for writing the novel Deliverance) would look through the Coens’ lens. What struck me immediately about the book, in light of the Coens, was how purely visual it is, a survivalist tale with virtually no dialogue. As an American soldier, downed in Tokyo before the World War II fire-bombings, evades capture and makes his way to the mountains—calling upon instincts picked up from his youth in Alaska—the books grows ever more abstract and beautiful. Imagine this book in Fargo white, and enjoy the adventure."


And again, a follow-up reminder: No Wrapped Up In Books discussion for December. Our holiday gift to you is the freedom to read whatever you darn well please.