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Robbin' Season is kicking off in the new trailer for FX's Atlanta

When FX’s Atlanta returns for its second season in March, it’ll be rebranded as Atlanta Robbin’ Season—a name meant to indicate that this new batch of episodes won’t exactly be a continuation of last season as much it will be an evolution of its themes. We saw a quick clip earlier this year teasing that the show was on its way back, but FX has now released a proper trailer that gives us a look at what Earn, Paper Boi, Darius, and Van will be up to once Robbin’ Season begins. Atlanta still seems like the kind of show that’s fairly hard to predict from a few quick clips, but it’s clear even from this short trailer that Atlanta will still be maintaining its unique blend of interesting dramatic depth and occasionally weird humor.

Atlanta Robbin’ Season begins on FX on March 1.


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