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Save some time and just watch the Babu Frik part of The Rise Of Skywalker

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The Rise Of Skywalker was mostly pretty bad. We say mostly because, regardless of its slapdash plot and character work, it also included the character of Babu Frik, one of the finest aliens Star Wars has seen to date. Well, now you don’t have to watch more than two hours of boring stuff to get to the good parts of the movie because the Star Wars YouTube channel has trimmed the fat from The Rise Of Skywalker, leaving only what matters behind: That scene with Babu Frik.

The moment in question includes some other dialogue, spoken by characters whose names we can no longer remember regarding plot points that no longer seem in any way important. The reason we’re highlighting this clip is because it contains the introduction of Frik, who babbles away while tinkering with machines in a very small welder’s helmet. Despite knowing what comes before and after this scene, Babu Frik makes the movie seem like a real home run. He is a perfect Star Wars alien—a weird little puppet with whiskers who’s both taken seriously by the human cast and speaks a mostly incomprehensible fictional language in a voice like a stuffed-up child.


If it wasn’t for the immense, heart-rending adorableness of Baby Yoda overshadowing Frik’s debut, and the fact that The Mandalorian is more enjoyable than the latest movie, the pint-sized mechanic would be a legitimate superstar. This clip bypasses the need to watch an entire movie to understand this. It makes Babu Frik available to all, saving us a lot of time in the process. If only it included the moment when Frik, in the midst of the film’s climatic space battle, pops up to cheer the heroes onward, it would be perfect. Still, the weird belly laugh that caps off the scene excerpted above is more than enough to tide us over until the inevitable complete Babu Frik cut surfaces in the future.

Also, we’ve got the space battle “hey heyyyy!” below.

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