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Saved By The Bell––the Hasbeen Years

Many Adult Swim fans have been wondering why Cartoon Network is replaying the after-school (and before school, and during school) staple Saved By The Bell.

Well, it turns out that the network is reviving the show, and ordering 30 ALL NEW episodes! From the press release:

"We were ecstatic when we saw the early numbers on Saved By the Bell on Adult Swim," said Matt Laster, the VP of Turner Entertainment's newly created 80's Reclamation Department. "We knew this had the potential to be big, but we never thought it would be this big. The fans have really shown their support and come out in droves on the adultswim.com website."

According to Laster, the new series is still in development but he did say that almost all of the original cast would be returning, minus "Showgirls" star Elizabeth Berkley. The series will follow the events after Saved By the Bell: The New Class and find Screech as the new principal of Bayside and a retired Mr. Belding as the proprietor of the Max, the hangout that the Saved By the Bell gang frequented. Screech is overwhelmed by the new group of students and puts out a call for help, and soon, all of the old regulars are back at Bayside. Laster would not elaborate on the status of Zack and Kelly's relationship, though the couple were last seen walking down the aisle.


80s Reclamation Department? Supportive fans? Um, maybe not. Last time I checked, the Saved By The Bell concensus on the Adult Swim website was a little less than supportive. Here's a taste:

"This SBTB **bleep** had better be a joke! Or there'll be a jihad for the next two weeks!" - Real AirCooledMan

"How can you taint the best few hours of my life with such crap! By crap I mean Saved by the bell, weak move adultswim." - Kanluga

Ok, so this whole reviving SBTB might be a joke. But I think it would be a great idea––and for once I'm not being sarcastic. If Cartoon Network brought back the whole SBTB cast to Bayside for 30 new episodes of poorly hatched schemes and "Zack Attack" and Mr. Belding's ridiculous giggle, who between the ages of 18-30 wouldn't watch? I hate nostalgia (seriously), but if Saved By The Bell: The Hasbeen Years happened, I would tune in to every episode. Anyone else like this idea?

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