Schmigadoon! — Season 2 Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Phew. So. While all of the returners bring their musical-theater chops, Krakowski and Tveit end up shining the most. The former has an uncanny ability to be wholeheartedly invested in the world, but with a simple flutter of her eyelashes or sly grin, she lets us know that she is very much in on the joke—or, perhaps, that she even has a secret joke of her own. Tveit, whose resumé is filled with mostly serious, romantic leading men, proves that he has much more to offer, showcasing a strong understanding of farcical comedy with his playful performance.


The splendid scenic design and costume design bring in details that will make eagle-eyed fans squeal with glee, too. (Look for several buildings honoring the era’s iconic musical theater songwriters Fred Ebb, Jerry Herman, John Kander, Stephen Schwartz, and Stephen Sondheim, plus Hair tribe member Michael sporting a vest in the style of Les Misérables’ Enjolras.) And as for the music: After picking up an Emmy for season one’s “Corn Puddin’,” Paul once again skillfully captures the essence of the genre and time period here. There are plenty of catchy tunes to choose from, but a tribute to Company’s “You Could Drive A Person Crazy” is our vote for the standout.

If this all sounds like the show’s comedy comes from inside jokes and musical references, well, yes, a lot of it does. But luckily, Schmigadoon! doesn’t take itself too seriously, which adds to its charm and helps bring in the non-theater kids who might not get this kicker: Leave your fields to flower, leave your cheese to sour, and join us in the wonderful and whimsical world of Schmicago.


Schmigadoon! season 2 premieres April 5 on Apple TV+