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Seth MacFarlane Will Let You Pay For His Dinner

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Last week, Seth MacFarlane, sire of Family Guy and American Dad, not to mention the rage of countless Simpsons fans, begat "Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade Of Cartoon Comedy," a YouTube channel teeming with commercials for Burger King that have been anointed by MacFarlane himself. Fans of American Dad (if they exist) and Family Guy will no doubt love the Cavalcade shorts because they are essentially leftover pop culture non sequiturs from those two shows enveloped in Burger King wrappers. But Burger King commercials are not all that Seth MacFarlane is willing to give to his public (and Burger King). He also wants to give people the rare opportunity, some would say the "unique honor that most people would kill for," to buy him dinner. What? Oh yes:

(via Videogum)

The winner of this sweepstakes will have the opportunity to buy Seth MacFarlane a meal at Burger King. That's right, the winner will buy the meal. But, you know, in the end you're still coming out on top. How many hours has Seth given to you? How many laughs have you received? How many times have you ripped off one of his jokes to impress your friends? Sit down, shake his hand, and buy Seth flame-broiled deliciousness, you're still coming out on top.


In short, we all owe Seth MacFarlane a meal. He's spent entire years of his life slaving away, writing jokes to make us laugh (or seethe), creating characters to make us smile (or prompt us to change the channel), and what has he gotten in return (besides, of course, money, lots of production deals, and a hefty contract with Burger King)? The least we could do is buy him a BK Broiler or two.
The best part about this contest, besides of course the fact that the prize is essentially paying to watch Seth MacFarlane's ego eat a Whopper, is that it isn't even sponsored by Burger King. The fine print states, "Burger King is not a sponsor." Evidently, one day MacFarlane, feeling a bit peckish, went out to buy himself lunch and thought [cue the light bulb over his head], "I bet someone would enter a contest to do this for me."
And why not? Honestly, I think this contest is the funniest thing MacFarlane has ever done. I hope that when he meets the lucky winner at the appointed Burger King, MacFarlane orders one of everything on the menu, or just turns to his star-struck dining companion and says, "Actually, since this is on you, let's go someplace special. Ever heard of Le Cirque? Cause you're about to buy me dinner there."