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SNL gets ready for red carpet Oscars drama with the sexual harassment awards, The Grabbies

Beck Bennett, Cecily Strong
Beck Bennett, Cecily Strong
Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

With the issue of workplace sexual assault, harassment, and overall male shittiness not going anywhere thanks to the bravery and dedication of women in the Me Too and Time’s Up movements, Sunday’s usually placid Oscars pre-show has taken on an added tension. You know, since awards show smiler Ryan Seacrest is the latest (as of press time, anyway) famous man accused of sexual misconduct and is still scheduled to stick his microphone in the faces of a parade of Hollywood actresses more than ever disinclined to put up with any nonsense. Perhaps inspired by the whole Seacrest situation, Saturday Night Live spent the Saturday before Oscar night lampooning the various kinds of sleazy show biz types currently being outed for their inappropriate behavior.

“The Grabbies,” presented by The Academy Of Sexual Harassment And Misconduct In Hollywood, saw SNL go after Hollywood slimeballs in the form of admitted sex creeps (Kenan Thompson’s smug predator receives the coveted “Cecil B. Molestin’ lifetime achievement award,” thanking Satan), and the very nervous accused alike. (Alex Moffat’s leading man announces, “It’s really upsetting to be here tonight.”) But the sketch’s most pointed jabs are at those male celebrities whose outward shows of solidarity crumble into hypocritical excuses and accusations as soon as their own alleged deeds are brought to light. Host Charles Barkley, playing one such accused, asserts that “all women deserve to be heard,” while noting that he has attacked his own accuser as “a lying troll” while his lawyers have publicized her personal information. On the Seacrest front, the sketch makes a running joke out of how Cecily Strong’s red carpet co-host keeps losing her male partner to breaking allegations with every cutaway. Chris Redd’s replacement host announces, with a frozen smile, “Nice to be here. Is this a trap?” With Seacrest still (again, as of press time) scheduled to hold down his usual “who are you wearing” duties on Sunday, it’ll be interesting to see just how precient “The Grabbies” turn out to be.


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