(Photo: Getty Images for TBS, Matt Winkelmeyer)

Back in March, Snoop Dogg pissed off Donald Trump by releasing a music video for his remix of Badbadnotgood’s “Lavender” that featured him pulling a toy gun on a clown version of Trump. Now, Snoop is courting controversy again with the album art for his new EP Make America Crip Again, which the Associated Press says featured Snoop looking down on a body in a morgue with a toe tag that says “Trump”—an homage to the cover of Ice Cube’s Death Certificate album from 1991. Snoop shared the image on Twitter this week, but he later deleted the tweet.

It’s unclear if he removed it because of any backlash (and if so, it’s also unclear if he’ll change the final artwork), but it looks like he recently got a free Xbox One X from Microsoft at least. Of course, nothing stays deleted on the internet, so you can see the image he tweeted (along with Ice Cube’s original) below:


The digital version of the album was released at the end of October and featured this slightly less dramatic artwork: