Everything about the following parody of a Playboy promo is pitch-perfect: from the echo-y soundwork, to the awkward staging, to the unlikely pairing of Olive Garden and Playboy, to the brusque attitude of the girl with the Olive Garden bag, to the phrase "So if you think you're sexy, and you work for Olive Garden," to whatever that snippet is at the end.

In fact, the only thing that could make this parody funnier, is maybe a trip to the Olive Garden—that steamy oasis thick with unbridled sexuality and hospitaliano.

But, as it turns out, this isn't a parody, it just should be one. The "girls of The Olive Garden" search is real. Kendra's belief that Olive Garden waitresses are "as hot as the food" is real. The part at the end where she accidentally slams the Olive Garden bag against the door is real. Kendra's thug attitude obviously isn't real, but her commitment to it apparently is. And your laughs as you watch this will most definitely be real.


Congratulations to Playboy on an idea that spans multiple definitions of the word "tasteless."