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Somebody modded Bernie Sanders (and his mittens) into Resident Evil 7

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Screenshot: ToastedShoes

It was only a matter of time before the inescapable meme of Bernie Sanders, sitting cross-legged in mittens and mask at Joe Biden’s inauguration, would come to video games. We’re pleased to report that it has—and that a lot of time seems to have gone into making the result, which sees a digital Sanders pop up in games like Resident Evil 7, Dark Souls, Abzu, and Fallout 4, as ludicrous as possible.


The above tweet was clipped from a video by ToastedShoes, a YouTuber who set out to see what Sanders could bring to a bunch of popular video games. His appearance in Resident Evil 7 is probably the most striking. Despite sitting comfortably in a chair, digital Sanders still manages to stalk the player as a stand-in for the game’s Jack Baker, smashing through furniture and screaming threats. He makes a strong impression right off the bat, punching the player in the face with a mitten like a sledgehammer. “This is what happens when you don’t get proper health care,” ToastedShoes says after a trio of deranged Bernies get violent while fighting at a dinner table piled with disgusting food.

The other mods are also good, if not as beautifully incongruous as the Resident Evil one. Elsewhere in the video, we see Bernie as a Star Wars Battlefront II Sith Lord, a club-wielding boss in Dark Souls, an implacable demonic creature in Devil May Cry 5, a chair-bound ocean explorer in Abzu, and a herd of ferocious Fallout 4 monsters. In Skyrim, another stand-out, Bernie after Bernie sits in the prisoners’ wagon from the game’s opening, lining up later to be judged for their crimes, execute one another, and be strafed with flames by a gigantic, flying Bernie.

The list of mods (and modders) who contributed to this vision of Sanders, murderous villain, fantasy world swordfighter, and deep sea traveller, is available in the video’s description if you, quite naturally, would like your next Skyrim character to feel the Bern of a Sanders-Dragon attack.

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