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Sons Of Anarchy's Mark Boone Junior and his pet chicken star in indie supergroup Sweet Apple's new video

Sweet Apple combines the considerable talents of John Petkovic (Cobra Verde, one of the finer Guided By Voices lineups), J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Tim Parnin (Cobra Verde), and Dave Sweetapple (Witch) into a vaguely psychedelic, immediately classic-sounding stew. The supergroup’s latest album, Sing The Night In Sorrow, came out earlier this year, and it’s a corker. Petkovic made friends with actor Mark Boone Junior when they were working on a film together, and that friendship came with a third party: Boone’s pet chicken, Baby Dee. When it came time to make a video for the latest Sweet Apple song, Boone was recruited, along with the chicken (and Lord Of The Rings actor Harry Sinclair, for good measure). Above, you’ll find an exclusive look at the video for “Everybody’s Leaving,” a road-trip movie in miniature starring a man and his chicken—with backing vocals by Robert Pollard of GBV, as well!


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