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Sony picks up The Crow reboot that is apparently still happening

The road to rebooting Alex Proyas’ 1994 mopecore classic The Crow has been an appropriately long and tortured one, with directors, leading men, and studios all dropping out at various points in the project. Tom Hiddleston Luke Evans, and Jack Huston have all abandoned the project, which appears to be without an officially announced star at the moment, rumors of Jason Momoa’s involvement notwithstanding. But now Sony Pictures has come along to scoop up whatever ends up coming from all this Sturm und Drang, if anything.


Variety reports that the studio has picked up worldwide distribution rights to the film, a presumable relief for producer and only constant presence in the project Edward R. Pressman. Pressman recently shuffled the film off to Davis Films, the production company behind the Resident Evil movies, after its previous studio, Relativity Films, descended into the endless darkness of bankruptcy proceedings.

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