Still, good news for Nolan (in a bad sort of way): It turns out that there’s actually a much worse way you can view films like Tenet than in a streaming window, and that much worse way is on the teensy tiny screen of Nintendo’s 20-year-old Game Boy Advance hardware. Which is exactly what content creator Bob Wulff has done in the above video, taking Nolan’s time travel action epic and jamming it onto 5 Game Boy Advance cartridges, then streaming it in all its 6 frames per second glory. (At least he’s running it on a GBA SP—god only knows how those crisp visual would look without the all-important backlight.)

To some extent, Wulff’s project sort of makes Nolan’s point for him, in that Tenet’s visual ambition can’t really achieve themselves on a screen the size of a bar coaster. On the other hand, watching it in this format won’t cause you to risk catching COVID, so, you know: Point to Team Spite.