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Spot The Differences

Welcome (once again) to the Spot The Differences, in which we compare a movie and its supposed remake side-by-side, Highlights magazine style. In today's installment: last year's Blue Collar Comedy Tour military yuk-fest Delta Farce (aka This Ain't Iraq, It's Mexico, But Either Way: Git R Dun) versus Ben Stiller's upcoming military yuk-fest Tropic Thunder (aka We Ain't Soldiers, We're Actors, But Either Way: You're Supposed To Believe Ben Stiller Is An Action Star).

Of course, Tropic Thunder isn't a true remake of Delta Farce. Why would anyone remake Delta Farce, even as some kind of farce? It is 90 minutes of pure misery cloaked in gay panic while shaking maracas. Still, even though Ben Stiller's satirical guns are pointed directly at Hollywood, and Larry The Cable Guy's satirical guns are sitting dusty and unused in the rack on the back of his truck with the Peeing Calvin tire flaps, the plots of the two movies are roughly the same: a group of idiots pretending to be soldiers end up fighting a semi-real battle. Yuks commence. As for the differences, the trailers for both movies are below, so Let's Spot The Differences!

Delta Farce:

Tropic Thunder:

Differences Spotted: The Tropic Thunder trailer does not include any of the following:

—Crazy-funny redneck accents

—A "Don't ask, don't tell" punchline.

—Slim Jim product placement

—Mexicans as Iraqis, then Mexicans as people with pinatas who listen to Mariachi music and offer you cervezas.

—A dude…in a dress!

—Triumphant shouting of the phrase, "Git R Dun!" (The "r" apparently referring to "war with Mexico".)

But even though Tropic Thunder doesn't look quite as stupid or lafftastic as Delta Farce, the parallels between the two casts of fake soldiers are evident: Jack Black is the skinny guy in a dress, Ben Stiller is Bill Engvall, and Blackface Robert Downey Jr. is obviously Redneckface Larry The Cable Guy.