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Stephen Colbert commemorates the end of the humiliating Rex Tillerson saga

Yesterday, we all found out via Twitter that Donald Trump had fired Rex Tillerson as Secretary Of State. Also finding that out via Twitter was, apparently, Rex Tillerson himself, who had been warned that something was coming and accordingly spent the weekend dreading the president’s tweets, at least slightly more than he normally does. While the White House quickly moved to assure people that, no, Tillerson had been fired in a manner slightly more fitting one of the most powerful positions on earth, one of Tillerson’s aides told the press that was not the case, getting himself fired in the process. Presumably he did not find out via Twitter, but, honestly, you never know with this crew. Professionalism is not their “thing.”

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert dedicated his entire monologue to the saga, ably exploring the humiliation Tillerson must feel, drawing in a few of the more concerning threads about this move in light of the Russia investigation, and knocking out a few well-placed Stormy Daniels jokes, because come on, it’s a late-night monologue, you sort of have to. He then relived the entire tempestuous Tillerson/Trump relationship via his Caesar Flickerman character.

Meanwhile, in the immediate way this sort of thing happens, “Tillersoned” became a verb, mostly via variations on the following:


You can read many more sagas of bad digital-age dating etiquette on Twitter. That is also the appropriate place to go for further information about the dissolution of the American experiment.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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