Internet Sensations to Stop/Start Caring About Stop Caring About: Brokeback Mountain and "Lazy Sunday" Parodies Also, please stop forwarding them to me. Yes, Brokeback To The Future was kind of funny. So was the Shining-as-romantic-comedy trailer that started this whole thing. But just playing scenes from the movie set to "Since U Been Gone" or "Because Of You" or any other Kelly Clarkson song is not funny. Neither is Shellback Mountain or Brokeback Squadron or Brokeback Fiction or Empire Brokeback any other short that splices Brokeback with another movie. The joke is so old and easy at this point that it's no longer even a joke. It's, like, a table or something. (But not this table. A totally un-funny one.) Also, the sight of white guys rapping about their quiet afternoons in LA, Muncie, Chicago, or New York isn't funny anymore either. That "Lazy Sunday" short (which used to be sort of amusing) has morphed into the equivalent of those irritating "You Might Be A ______ If…" email forwards. Although, considering NBC has decided to slap with a cease and desist letter, the "Lazy Sunday" parodies should start to dry up pretty soon. (By the way, shrewd move, NBC. Next up, you should sue Panasonic and Zenith. I hear they're making these things called "televisions" that are disseminating SNL and the rest of your property right into people's living rooms!) Start Caring About: Non-Brokeback Parodies Like this one by Eugene Mirman, Sam Seder, and Jon Benjamin called Backdraft II:Backdraftier. Or this music video starring Zach Galifianakis. Ok, so it's not actually a movie parody. But it is really, really funny––not to mention tangible proof that Fiona Apple has a sense of humor. Sometimes.