Things You Should Stop/ Start Caring About (Oscar Fever Edition) Stop Caring About Online Oscar Games and Quizzes Can you make it to level three in the Ultimate Academy Awards Quiz? Can you navigate the red carpet in time to win your Best Actress statuette? Can you identify these Oscar nominees by their body parts? Oh, you can? Who cares? I've never really understood the point of online quizzes, and not just the dozens of Oscar-related ones. Those "Test Your Knowledge Of.." games, or the fifty different "Which Lost Character Are You?" quizzes that are floating around seem equally unamusing. Do people actually play them? Why? For bragging rights? "Check it out, guys. I made it past the usher in the Best Actress Game. You gotta try it!" It seems to me the only reason these quizzes exist is so grandmothers and office temps can have something else to forward around besides "Virtual Hugs." Well, and so people can make fun of them on blogs. Which brings me to this game (click on the "Related Item"), where you can make a talking blue Pez dispenser give an Oscar acceptance speech. Finally. Start Caring About Oscar Acceptance Speech Transcripts Like Tom Hanks' and Gwenyth Paltrow's tear-filled acceptances, found here. Few things are funnier than reading transcripts of people when they're crying and waxing poetic about their agents… Except maybe reading transcripts of Fear Factor hosts who get angry at 20-year-old haters on MySpace. Behold the wrath of Joe Rogan here. (Thanks, Best Week Ever blog. This totally makes up for Frangela.)