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Stop The Presses! The Backstreet Boys also do not like the Gulf oil spill

The massive oil spew in the Gulf has already nabbed Kevin Costner a nifty placard and inspired Master P. to make ‘em say, “Uhhhh, that’s some relatable social commentary, na na na na,” but who ever could have predicted that it would bring the Backstreet Boys and Korn together? The recently revived boy band issued a press release today announcing that, like its pals in “popular hard-rock group” Korn, its current 35-plus-city tour will not be fueled by any BP oil, a cause it’s urging fellow touring musicians to get behind. In the statement, Brian Litrell (the Observant One), is quoted as saying, “We just played Biloxi last week and I have to tell you, people are really worried down there. This boycott is about making a statement, letting people know how we feel and to stand for something.” (Just in case you were waiting to hear from the Backstreet Boys to decide on how you should feel.)

Nick Carter (the One With The Heart) then added, “I've always been a marine activist, and seeing pictures of oil-covered animals breaks my heart." For those who question Nick Carter’s “marine activist” credentials, need we remind you that the U.N. appointed him as the savior of the dolphins a few years ago, and that at the time Carter pledged himself toward writing a "new anthem" about the plight of his bottle-nosed buddies? Perhaps this recent tragedy will finally inspire him to make good on his promise (Dare we hope for a duet with Korn? We probably daren’t) and then, in some small way, this will all have been worth it.


In all seriousness, you know, it’s great that musicians have the guts to come forward, look at one of the most catastrophic environmental disasters in human history, and say, “No, that’s bad! We don’t like! Also, we’re on tour!” Maybe if we all take a page from the Backstreet Boys and learn to publicly express our feelings in the most self-serving way possible more often, this big ol’ world of ours just might make it. Let’s all start right now.