The Family Stallone | Official Trailer | Paramount+

Then there’s mom Jennifer Flavin, “The Queen,” Stallone’s wife of 25 years with whom he reunited after a brief split in the summer of 2022. “I know we’re insane, I know we’re crazy, but we love each other so much,” the family matriarch shares in the trailer. And of course, Sly himself, who spends the trailer dropping pearls of wisdom, disparaging the concept of reality TV, and doting on his pets, which is funny because he’s a tough guy movie star, right?


In case you forgot that little fact (unlike the guys Sophia is dating), the family takes a trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum “Rocky steps.” This star isn’t totally just like us, even if he is painstakingly brushing out his cat’s tail when he’s at home. For the full picture of the family man, myth, and legend, tune in to The Family Stallone on Paramount+, premiering May 17.